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Most products here are freeware / donationware. Nebulosity is the exception and it can be purchased either electronically (you download the software and purchase a license code here) or on CD via a retailer. In either case, you are free to evaluate the software before you buy (through downloadable demos) and to download updates as they are released. Please note that if you purchase from the site here, no CD is mailed. A license code will be e-mailed that will unlock the full version of the software.

Physical CDs from Dealers

Stark Labs' products may be purchased from:

Electronic Distribution

If you wish to purchase the software electronically, a license code will be automatically e-mailed to you after receipt of your payment. Credit cards are accepted and I can also arrange sales by check or money order. PayPal will handle the transaction, allowing you to use a credit card, your bank account, or your PayPal account. Note that you do not typically have to have a PayPal account or set one up and can simply pay by a credit card. They simply handle the
credit card transactions for me.

If you are ready to purchase an electronic license, simply click on the appropriate PayPal button here or on the program's main page. For new purchases, the license code will be mailed out automatically, typically within a few minutes. If you do not receive your license code by e-mail shortly after your order, please ensure that it did not get labeled as SPAM by your e-mail program and that you are checking the account associated with PayPal. Upgrades are handled manually and may take a day or two.
Nebulosity 4: $95 (Windows, OSX)
Nebulosity 3 to 4 upgrade ($20 - $5 refunded if v3 purchased in 2015) click here
Nebulosity 2 to 4 upgrade ($40) click here
Nebulosity 3: $80 (Windows, OSX)

Freeware and Donations

Most of the software on this site is free. If you use it and wish to make a donation to support its development and the development of other free or very affordable software, you can do so here. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Before you Purchase

If you download Nebulosity before buying a license, it will install as a highly functional demo version. The only thing different about it is that when images are saved, black lines will degrade the image permanently. This lets you explore the software and see if it works with your hardware. This way, you can see if you are interested in purchasing a license before buying. Please take advantage of this! This way you will know if it suits your needs before purchasing. Refunds are not possible for issues with basic functionality that can be readily tested with the demo.

Returns / Refunds
The demo is there to let you evaluate things before purchase. Determining whether the software works on your hardware and is suitable for your needs is up to you. There are, of course, opportunities for bugs to arise and for problems to be discovered after a reasonable evaluation. Under these circumstances, we will attempt to work with you to address the issue before consideration of a refund is made. Consult the license for full details, but keep in mind that the decision to correct the issue or to refund the purchase price is at the discretion of Stark Labs and not the user.