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Synthetic flat / background tool in Nebulosity 3.3.1
Percentile (median and range) based stacking in Nebulosity 3.3.1
Histogram window, B/W Sliders (Nebulosity 3)
How to apply flats, darks, and biases to your images in Nebulosity (from SDAA ASIG talk)
Flagging bad images and using the blink tool in Nebulosity (from SDAA ASIG talk)
Matching brightness and contrast across images in Nebulosity 3 (from SDAA ASIG talk)
The Align and Combine tool in Nebulosity v3 (from SDAA ASIG talk)
Using Levles to stretch (Nebulosity 3)
Using Curves to stretch (Nebulosity 3)
New GUI alignment tool in Nebulosity 3.2
Noise reduction in Nebulosity
Basic connection and focus in Nebulosity and PHD Guiding (movie)
Getting PHD calibrated and guiding, using Nebulosity's Frame and Focus tool and Fine Focus tool, and using the Capturing Series tool.
Pre-processing: Dark frames, Bad pixel maps, stacking, etc.
Pre-processing: Walkthrough
Post-processing: What to do after stacking (color, stretching, sharpening, and noise reduction)
Starting point for post-processing tutorial (FITS file)
Article from October 2007's Astronomy Technology Today
Guiding on the Cheap (movie of presentation)

Just how the...

Having trouble getting going? Want a walk-through on things like getting focus, capturing, processing, guiding, etc.? You've come to the right place. Here are several PDFs showing basic processing in Nebulosity and several video tutorials and walk-throughs. Here also are several articles and talks that may be of use. Note, for the PDFs, you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader (free) and for the videos you'll need Apple's Quicktime Player (free). In addition, you should have a look at the entries in the "Ask Craig" section of the Astrophoto Blog as some good bits are covered there.